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Everything You Need to KNow About ice Dams

Ice dams are more than just an irritation, they cause damage to the roof and shingles as well as leaks, mold and water damage inside the home. Most of the time, if you have ice dams, you also have a warm attic. If an attic is improperly installed or not vented correctly, it will retain the heat that rises from inside the home. When the water reaches the edges of the roof, where it’s much cooler, it will refreeze and turn to an ice dam. Ice dams will cause leaking and an eventual roof collapse.

Why Choose Olympic For Ice dam Removal & Prevention?

Preventing ice dams can be quite time consuming and tedious if you take it on yourself. Removal of snow from your roof should happen immediately after a storm in order to prevent any possible ice dams. We can help with even the most challenging roofs. There is immense care and attention to detail that is put into your home when it comes to properly planning a design to help prevent ice dams. You'll see that level of quality craftsmanship with all of our Olympic technicians. Contact us for a free consultation. Emergency services are always available.

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