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  • $250 min. Full Roof Inspection and Repair
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  • Residential & Commercial Buildings In Massachusetts & New Hampshire
  • Emergency Repairs
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How We Help Home Owners

1. Complimentary Consultation

Often times there can be more than one problem with your roof. When one of our professionals comes to your home we thoroughly examine your roof to make sure your home is 100% safe.

2. FAST ESTIMATES, Financing

Pricing your roof is dependent on the size of your roof and roof material. An asphalt roof is going to cost between $1.50-$5.50 per sq. foot, or $150-$550 per square, plus installation. A metal roof is going to be a more durable roof material that will cost $7.50-$14 per sq. foot, or $750-$1400 per square, plus installation. Depending on your needs our team will create a fair and fast estimate for the best solution for your home.


Your roof is what keeps your home safe and protected from the weather. For that reason we complete most of our roof repairs and replacements in one day. You can be assured that all of our projects are prepped and installed with complete professionalism and customer satisfaction.

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