New ENgland weather safe Vinyl Siding installation.

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Say goodbye to painting and save on Energy Costs.

Vinyl siding comes in at the lowest price and bang for your buck. Why? Vinyl siding is built to be protected by the sun's rays, so you never have to worry about taking the time and money to paint again!

Vinyl siding is an insulated engineered product that keeps your home airtight, making your home feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter! Your home loses less heat and on average will save you 11.1% on your energy bill!

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Vinyl Siding increases your property value, unlike rotting wood.

Vinyl siding is maintenance free and for that reason it protects the value of your home. With traditional wood siding you can expect termites, rotting, and paint chipping. This can cost you over $1000 each time just to fix your siding, which you may need every 5 years. Vinyl siding will last you 20-40 years!

With vinyl siding your home will sell faster, maintain property value, and give you a larger return on investment.

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Reviews from our satisfied clients

We hold customer satisfaction to our highest responsibility.

Google Reviews 4.5 out of 5.0
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I got my best price from this company. They started when they said they would. The job came out great and I had no issues. The crew worked in 95 degree summer weather without any complaints.  They cleaned up all waste and nails so it looked like they were never here.

Jeffrey Litch
Google Review

Olympic made my whole experience seamless and pleasant! They went above and beyond what I expected! Thank you guys!

James Koutoulas
Facebook Review

I would highly recommend this roofing company. I am very pleased with the quality. They were very careful including protecting the plantings around the house. They cleaned up well.

Jane Finn
Google Review

They did a great job! New copper portico looks very nice. Initial quote covered all the costs. Will definitely use them again.

Andrew Benack
Facebook Review

Some Siding Types & Benefits

Vinly Siding

Pros: Affordable & Lots of Variety
Cons: Not the most durable options

Insulated Vinly Siding

Pros: Improved home insulation
Cons: Still not as durable

LP Smart Side

Pros: Highly durable & can be re-painted
Cons: Expensive

Hardie Board Siding

Pros: Highly durable and top quality
Cons: More expensive than Vinyl

Everlast Composite Siding

Pros: Very durable
Cons: Restricted color options

Wood Siding

Pros: Easy to paint, repair, and is eco-friendly
Cons: Expensive & high maintenance

Metal Siding

Pros: Low maintenance, environmentally friendly, resistant to bugs & fires
Cons: Potential for rust, and dents

Fiber Cement Siding

Pros: Very durable, high quality, and long lasting
Cons: More expensive than vinyl, and high maintenance


Pros: Low maintenance, good temperature control, and fire-resistant
Cons: Limited options, and can be more expensive than other materials

Stone Veneer

Pros: Lightweight & affordable
Cons: Not environmentally friendly, and weak spots can allow moisture and cause damage
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